Our $2000 Mistake

A few years ago, Kurtis and I made a HUGE mistake with a home we were renting out. It was our first time as landlords and we were naive. We had NO idea what we were doing.

Kurtis got a call late one night that the air conditioning had gone out on the rental home.

In Phoenix during the summer, that’s an emergency. It was 117 that day and at 2 am it had cooled off to a breezy 97.

Kurtis got the AC company out first thing in the morning and that’s when we were hit with the bill. $2000 in repairs!

It turned out that the renters had lived in the home for over a year and had NEVER changed out the air filter. The filter was sucked up into the unit and ruined it.

If they had taken 3 minutes to replace the filter and had used the filters we left them (they were only a few dollars each) than the whole fiasco could have been avoided.

Want to hear the whole story…check out the Facebook live that Kurtis and I did here.

The $2000 mistake….and how you can avoid making the same one.

Posted by Handy At Home on Monday, July 22, 2019

Please…please…PLEASE….go check on your air filters and make sure that you are changing them monthly. We’re going to do a FB live soon and show you how easy it is to do. Just like the Handy At Home page to be notified.

If you want more handy home tips and tutorials…please comment below and let us know what you want us to make a video about.

Please share this post so we can get the word out about how important it is to take care of your air filters each month. Thanks!

Kurtis & April

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